Why are photographers so expensive? They push a button and run the photograph through an app. Why are they charging me so much for the photoshoot?


Imagine finding out that before you ever get an email response from the photographer, they’ve already researched your brand and name. Imagine finding out they have looked at your website, and your social channels and examined your photographs before getting that reply.

Photo 1: Walid Azami, photographing Taylor Zakhar Perez

And before you open the response they’ve already wondering if you’re going to respect their rate, if the email is from a legitimate client, etc… There’s an entire processing that creatives do before the initial client call. It requires a lot of research and it simply takes time to do this.

Btw, that’s not even considered pre-production. That’s prequalifying your client. If you’re reading this and thinking “big deal, we all do that” then you’ve proven my point. We all do that, sure…but not all of us (photographers & artists) get the same credit or respect. This is to remind people that we do the same work as others, meaning we require the same professional and financial respect.

Again, Why Are Photographers so Expensive?

I made this video because it’s important to educate our clients. I cannot expect my clientele to know what I do with each shoot, if I don’t take the time to voice it. Now am I going to force them to watch this video?


Absolutely not, but I am using this video to help educate the photography community. We do a lot. We launch businesses, records, movies, TV shows, books, careers, political careers and agendas, and sometimes even your dating life.


We tell stories and help businesses stand out in a crowded ocean of competitors. We do all of that with our form of storytelling. So yeah, we do more than just push a button.

That Was Helpful, What Else You Got?

I’m glad! You deserve your full rate and then some. Now you know what to say when someone says “why are photographers so expensive”. That’s what this entire photography blog is about.


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