Posing Men VS. Women

Generally, the pay gap favors men, along with much of the corporate world. We know this, I don’t have to dig deep and we’re aiming for more pay/professional equality. In the fashion world, female models are the kings and queens of everything. Male models are generally (most of them) used as accessories and to supplement a photoshoot.


It’s important to know that, the history of male models and to figure out the unwritten rules. Know the rules and then, once you know the rules…break them. Break them if you wish and make a mark for your work.


You’ll get a chance to review my work and I go over my style to help you. Check out the full video.

Photo 1: Modeling Guide for men 

Female Models? Posing Women And Breaking The Rules!

Ah, the big boss on the scene! Women are the big deal on set! Yes, we can always pay models more but I want to express how big of a commanding force they are on set. My biggest goal with you photographing either men or women is to know the rules. Know what women should and should not do. Then know how men should pose and not pose. Once you know the rules, break the rules if you wish. Have fun with breaking the rules and creating your look. That’s what makes you an artist!


Posing men vs women can be a long topic. Essentially, do what makes you happy if the subject is always respected. Learn the unwritten rules, break the rules, and do whatever makes you happy.

What Should I Do Next?

Since we’re “breaking rules” about posing men vs. women, consider this blog next. I’m on a quest to help more women photographers thrive. Apparently, photography is male-dominated, let’s see if we can change that. This is the blog post I’m talking about.

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