Let’s go photography prop shopping at IKEA! Finding the right props for your photoshoots is easy if you have a plan for your product hunt! This video and blog post will give you an overview to help you find the best photography props.


There are several themes to consider when shopping for art dept/props for a shoot. I’ll do a quick overview but the video goes into detail. For this book cover shoot, I was content with my photography prop shopping to happen at IKEA because:


  • Matching the Mood Board to the props you set-up for the photoshoot: It’s a big deal to fill up the scene but not allow any prop or art dept. piece to steal the attention from the main subjects.


  • Matching the Wardrobe to the set props: Communication with the wardrobe stylist is a big deal because a clash can be ugly. To0 “matchy matchy” can also be obnoxious. Have that conversation with your wardrobe stylist. They might inspire you or your art dept selections may inspire them.


  • It’s many themes but at the same time, not really any style in particular: Check out the video to see what I mean about this. It’s more than just photography prop shopping with me. You’ll get all of the reasons behind each item.


  • The props you select for the photoshoot will contribute to the imagery, but not steal the entire attention: This is rule. You add to the scene. Do not steal the scene, simply add to it.


  • How can you bring comfort to the talent:  Sometimes a cup or simple desk could help them feel comfortable. Imagine standing there for a photoshoot and now knowing where to put your hands. It’s awful! When you give them a simple coffee mug to hold, they suddenly feel anchored and have direction. When you’re holding a mug, you know what to do with your hands. It’s easier to act, to play around. Give each prop thought.

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