This blog is about photography pricing for beginners! Photographers notoriously have trouble with their pricing, even to the point of not charging at all and excusing it as “building your portfolio” – but the goal of my blog is to put a stop to that. You should be charging for your photography and if you don’t know how to start, today is a great day for you.


There is no such thing because what’s perfect for one photographer is counter-productive for the next photographer. However, this is the perfect starting point for your photography and from there you adjust. By the way, adjusting is a permanent thing and you need to come to terms with that. You will always pivot because everything is a variable. The market shifts, your interests shift and your competitors shift. For that reason, your prices will always shift.


Start here though and build up and out. This is a great way to start photography pricing for beginners.




People give the pricing plan a variety of names (side note: I noticed people want to be known for coming up with the term so they keep changing the names). As for me, call it what you wish but just get paid! To me, this pricing method is something that makes the selling part easier because you don’t have to sell anymore! Isn’t that your worst fear anyhow? You hate selling, so you avoided selling and now you don’t sell anything anymore… rinse, repeat.


Have options for the client. The “it’s either this or go home” tactic may work for seasoned veterans and even though, it’s not a positive point. Give your clients options so they don’t feel cornered. Give your clients options so they don’t come to conclusions that benefit both of you.


I believe 3 is the magic number for choosing. Once you present 4 options, it becomes confusing and many people walk away to something easier. Your job is to make this easy, painless, and a no-brainer. Stick with me, it’ll all tie in and work for you.


For now, present three pricing options. Then we will discuss the breakdown of each photography package (video friends this applies to you also) – and we will need a price, the number of hours, and what you’d like to include in your photography package. That would mean the number of hours, prints, retouching, or just about anything that you offer.




When you price out your photography packages, there is a simple way to go about this. As I mentioned earlier, the goal is to give the client a choice and let them work it out on their own.


  • The Low Price Option: This is simple, easy to book, and quite affordable! This package is about quantity, not as much quality. You can book the low-priced options all day, they take little effort to complete and it’s a quick in/out situation.
  • The Middle Pricing Option: The middle option must be substantially higher priced than the first. I would suggest even doubling the price but the product you give does not match the price upgrade. Look at the graph below, you can see how Price Point 1 and Price Point 2 have a big leap. But the number of suggested photos/hours does not justify the price. This package is your SUPERSTAR SELLER! This is the one that will make the client question everything, and that’s when THEY start selling for you.


The Top Pricing Option: The top price tier is only a tiny amount above the middle tier, but you get substantially more products. This package practically sells itself because it’s a small amount more than price 2, but you get a substantial amount more. It sells itself! That’s the magic right there.


Selling in a small business is about a really close client/vendor relationship. Pricing psychology comes into play with our photography/video business and just about anything another type.


Let the Client Make the Decision: One way to win is to allow the client the decide of which package they want. Do they feel forced into something or was it voluntary? If you can make it the client’s choice, you are bound to win over & over.


Let the Client Make it Make Sense: The way the pricing is structured, package 2 does not make sense. When that happens (usually takes 2 seconds), packages 1 and 3 make a lot of sense! You know it was successful messaging when the client thinks “who would be foolish enough to get package 2? package 3 is so much better!” – they sold themselves. The package sold itself. You just present your beautiful work.

Each Package is a Win: Let’s play a game of “What if” with each package and see how it plays out in your favor.


What if they get Package 1?

That’s great! It means you get to get a bunch of clients in and build your portfolio faster. It means you’re only working a few hours and releasing a few photographs/videos. You can do this all day and it’s about the numbers. It’s a great way to build up and have the client add additional features to your package. That’s a win. Maybe you’re getting a client hiring a photographer for the first time, they want to start small. If they have a great experience with you, they’ll end up growing with you. It’s a win!


What if they get Package 2?

Even though that’s a bad decision for the client monetarily, it works out for the pocketbook. Sometimes people want something that does not make sense to you, and we have to allow them to make their own decisions. Like I said at the start, life is a variable. Let them get the package they want. From a business finance standpoint, it’s highly profitable. They’re barely getting anything for a high price. That’s a win right!? Personally, I’d want to give them a little extra because I’d like to reward this client. You can do that also, maybe a couple of extra photos to put that smile on their face.


What if the get Package 3:

Congrats on your win! You managed to help a client make the decision that your ultimate package is the best option. This is a huge win for them. This is a huge win for you. And you were able to do it without pushing them there, without making them feel pressured. The client that spends the most with you will most likely stick with you. They will likely want a custom package next time.


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