Have I got some photography client tips for you! This video will share some of my favorite questions to ask during a consultation.


Photographers make client sessions so difficult. It doesn’t have to be that difficult, you can ask the same questions over and over to each potential client. The difference between you and another photographer is that you had the foresight to ask thoughtful questions which would make your client realize you are a perfect choice.


For the record, the questions I’m about to share with you are not only for photographers exclusively. They apply to videographers, filmmakers, any type of creative artist that wants a full-time business. It’s not just photography client tips, it goes for all creative types.


Question 1: Ask the potential photography client what their goal is with the project!


That seems like such an unusual question but I guarantee you that you are probably the only person who will ask them this question. What you were saying is, your brand thanks be on the photoshoot. Your brand thinks long-term, and that requires a long-term relationship with your creative branding. Ask them this question and then sit in silence… What they reveal to you will be incredible. That’s the photography client tips I wish I knew as a beginner.


Question 2: ask your potential photography client what the viewer should feel once they see the final pictures?


When you ask what the viewer should feel, it will help you with the lighting and the location. Let me explain further: they might say they hope the viewer feels it is a magical fairy tale. Well, we know that we could illuminate downtown and the grimy streets. We know that we could probably illuminate any railroad tracks or graffiti on the wall. That opens us up to big fields, possibly on an overcast or foggy day, possibly even near a body of water. Do you see what I mean by this? When you listen to the entire podcast, you will have a better idea.


Question 3: Please check out the podcast! LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS



If you enjoyed the 3 photography client tips that I shared then you’ll love what else I have. Your job initially is to find the client’s intentions. Once you find their intentions, you have now found your goals for a successful project. Once you have your goals listed, now you have an exact direction for yourself and as a team for a complete home run.


Working with clients can be so effortless and easy if you just understand how to maneuver the situation. I’m often surprised by how many people are willing to spend thousands on a lens, but nothing on the person holding the camera and the lens.


We will separate the mediocre photographer from the one who is consistently booked in the ability to maneuver through the business world. If you want more photography client tips, more career advice, and more success then consider signing up for my free newsletter below.


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