Making Photography Passive Income + More

Making photography passive income can be more than just selling prints and getting paid to shoot. Check out these 4 methods below which will help you earn cash by doing what you already do, taking pictures.

Photography Client Deposit?

Ending 25% deposits for all clients. We’ve decided to end the 25% deposit required for all clients. From now on, all clients will be allowed to pay 50% of their bill upfront and that’s a non-refundable deposit.


When you ask for a bigger deposit, they have less to pay near the completion of the photoshoot. That opens up the door to more print sales. The big price tag is over, and they can afford more services from you.Also when they cancel on you, you’re making 50% of the budget at least to pay for studio fees and crew fees if you incurred those costs.


Leasing Your Photography


Have you considered renting your photographs for real estate showings? Sometimes the agent wants good art that would match the house. Imagine having a catalog of images to fit every type of home. Do you want meadows in color? You have that! Do you want BW images against a cloudy sky? You have it!


1st Gain: Imagine renting images to an agent selling a $1.5 million home on the hill. They lease about 15 images from you at about $15-$20 per image. It’s about $225-250 gained for images that you can use again & again.


2nd Gain: Imagine walking through the open house and seeing all of the people admire your art In the beautiful home. It’s an incredible way to market your business.


3rd Gain: Imagine someone seeing the home and asking about the artist behind the photographs. You could sell more art from people who have seen your work up in the home!


Start cataloging your beautiful photography and reaching out to real estate agents. They need your service and a few hundred dollars are drops in a bucket compared to their commission size. You’ll invest a little in frames but once you have them – you’re good to go!

Picture this scenario: You’re going through the mail. It’s a political ad, then coupons from a local market, several bills, and several ads about a credit card program. Mail is terrible nowadays until YOU send your card to former clients.


You get correspondence that does not want anything from you. It’s from someone you know, handwritten, has a gift, and just says hello. Think of the positive reception that will get over any other item in the mailbox.


You know the phrase, out of sign…out of mind? This puts you in sight and directly on their mind. It’s such an easy win.

I would estimate about 20% of the people who receive your cards are likely to book you again in the next 6 months. I would also guess, about 100% of the people who get your card will appreciate you. Besides, it’s great karma points!

Here is How to Earn Photography Passive Income

This is the easiest way to earn passive income from photography. If you photograph weddings, then expect to earn $200-$500 from each event on top of your budget price.

How Can You Earn Extra Money From Your Wedding Photography?

You photograph a big wedding, and the clients want the most beautiful photographs. Towards the end of the event, the guests are dancing and posing for photos everywhere you go! They ask “where can I get a copy of this photo?!” and that’s where you make your extra money.


Since you’ve already exported the images for your client gallery, why not make a separate gallery for the guests? You can only include images from the reception or the public moments of the event. Put on a nice watermark and give them options to purchase your images in a variety of sizes.You don’t have to print the photographs. You don’t have to ship the photographs. One of Pixieset’s labs will do all of the work for you, and all you need to do is cash the check each month! Click here if you want to sign up with Pixieset.

Need Photography Business Mentorship?

Knowing when to ask for help is a powerful position to be in. The way I see it you can either spend years figuring it out alone. Or you can spend a few weeks learning from someone who has already had success and start making money sooner, much sooner!


If you want free help, I give a lot of freebies through my newsletter. Your email is safe, never sold, and never disrespected. Sometimes you’ll get an email each week. Sometimes you’ll only get one a month. However, each email will serve YOU and your business. Help is here if you want it. Sign up by clicking this link or using the form above. If you want immediate action and want to learn how to start pricing your photography… click here. I have my new course called STEP PRICING and it’s so good! STEP stands for (Secret to Easy Photography) PRICING!

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