Intuition Will Save Your Photo Career

What Is Intuition For Business?

Intuition for business is a major deal! You can make so many great decisions just by following your intuition. Humans are the only living creators on this planet, who teach their kids to kill their instincts. That’s detrimental and it’s time you start paying attention to one of your strongest tools, if not the strongest. Your intuition is the direct call from whatever higher source you believe in.

It could be a call from from Allah, God, The Universe, Mother Nature, Energy, Buddha, or whatever you believe in. This is a direct call telling you to do something or not do something.


I made a video that talked about my career start, and how instincts played a MAJOR role! It actually was the cruise control or the guide that I needed. I went on autopilot and let my gut feelings navigate a pivotal moment in my life. Check out the video above!


Why Do We Lose Our Gut Feeling?


We’re told to stop listening to our intuition. It’s because we fear what others may say. Are we weird? Are we crazy? Or our parents want us to fit in better, to have less friction with societal norms, and have an easier life. All that does is silence a powerful tool, our instincts!


It takes practice to determine what’s true instincts and what’s ego, or a simple want. The new iPad Pro comes out. Do you , want it or is it a gut instinct? It’s sometimes hard to decide what is a true intuition for business.


How To Start Gauging Your Intuition


For me, I take notes. When I have a monumental event and a big win, I’m looking to see what I did right. Did anything that helped me push through? Did I have a weird lingering feeling that wouldn’t let me sleep at night? What was that feeling and did I follow it? What did it feel like? Was it in my stomach or chest? Was it long or short?


I do the same thing with big losses. What did I ignore? Was there a feeling that I kept ignoring? What did it feel like? When did it arise and what was it telling me? Where did it in my body?


When I record these thoughts or pay attention to them, it all adds to my development of a sharp intuition or gut feelings. This is what I’d like for you to consider doing, really pause after big losses and big wins. What did your body tell you?

More Photography Help?

Finding your perfect client is hard. Scheduling your day so that you win early and often is hard. Finding out how to answer clients, bid on jobs, and price your photography can be hard if you’re doing it alone. A million videos are showing you how to do this on YouTube. My advice for you, make sure the photographer teaching you has already done what they’re teaching (and done it over & over, year after year).

I have. I have photographed the largest names in the world and I want to help photographers (and video pros) like you grow, make money, and have a full-time income with your camera.

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