Ideal Clients For Your Photography Business

Have you ever had someone say you need to find your ideal client avatar for your photography business? In this podcast episode, I am helping photographer Wesley Pellot from the New Market, Alabama (and Atlanta) markets! Wesley wants to book bigger clients and with this coaching session, I ask him to do two major things:


The first is to locate your ideal client avatar. That way everything he does only serves his perfectly ideal client. Then we talk about this sales page for his photography website. Listen to the whole podcast and gain so much insight from his coaching session! You can support Wesley and his work/socials are linked at the bottom of this post.

What is an Ideal Client Avatar?

What if I told you that finding your perfect photography client is easier than you think? What if I also added that very few photographers put the time in to find their ideal client? And that if they put the effort into finding this client, they’d spend every ounce of effort ONLY talking to the people who would buy from them…and no one else!


An Ideal client avatar for any business is the perfect client who will love and support your business. You will have a version that is a man and one that is a woman. They don’t know each other, they just happen to live in the market you are serving. They will have other friends who are just like them, which makes them great referral machines. Perfection, right? Imagine having a business that works in such harmony with their community and there is mutual life.


They are the center of your bullseye. Anything outside of that ideal client is hitting outside the target. Imagine playing darts and aiming at the wall around the dartboard. What a waste of time, effort, and energy that would be! Meanwhile, the other person is only aiming towards that dartboard. Who would have more success and win the game?

Who is my Ideal Photography Client?

This is the person that will love the work you create. They will think it’s genius and something that must hang on their wall. You’ll know where they shop, what type of job/career they have, their age range, income levels, and even where they vacation on the weekends. You’ll know what type of activities they participate in and where they even get their coffee.


What makes them tick? What makes them happy and want to vote? What makes them spend money and what do they spend money on? It’s starting to make sense yet? Keep reading…

Why Should You Find Your Ideal Photography Client?

Photo 2: Wesley Pellot Photography

Imagine knowing where they get coffee in the town you serve. That’s where they come in, spend money and relax. Now imagine adding yourself to this question, because YOU happen to be there retouching photographs and sipping coffee. Imagine that person walking by and seeing your beautiful work or actually sitting next to you! Do you think they wouldn’t strike up a conversation with you?


Are you kidding me?! If that ideal client sees your work, they will want it for themselves. Remember you have identified a particular type of person and now you’re sitting there in their preferred areas! It makes booking clients so easy, that it’s almost unfair. Cliche moment warning: Let’s work smarter, not harder.

How Can I Find My Ideal Client Avatar?

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What if you want the full ideal client avatar kit? Do you want every tool needed to find that ideal client avatar and get it done over one weekend? If you want to invest in who your perfect photography client is, click here

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