Photography is essentially storytelling. We’ve heard of many male photographers but what about the emerging female photographers? Yes, we’ve had many prominent women holding a camera and leaving a mark but the balance is still off, we are not getting an accurate portrayal of life today and yesterday. That’s why I hope to affect tomorrow.


Photographers are storytellers and when you are able to tell a story, you are able to sway public opinion. And when you can sway public opinion you can change policies that affect lives, help build brands that sell millions, help empower individuals, and make sure that history is remembered through a fair and balanced eye. Read this blog, watch the video, and think of the potential emerging female photographer in your life. Maybe she’s learning her first few words or just entered the 7th grade. Put a camera in her hand.


The story is a powerful way of changing lives and building brands. I could read you a page from a dictionary, and chances are that you’d zone out after a couple of sentences. Or I could tell you a story and I’d likely keep your attention much longer, keeping you engaged and invested in what I’m saying. Photography is storytelling in its way, and we’re mainly hearing stories from men.


Stories help launch brands and build professional reputations. Stories launch political campaigns and help pass public policies. Attach a story to anything, and it has a higher chance of sticking! Stories are more powerful with a camera. Are you starting to see why it’s an issue that photography is still male-driven?


As a guy, I want to hear the perspective of all people and not just my gender. It doesn’t just benefit women, it helps all of us. Men have to encourage a more diverse workforce. How do we do this?


It’s the holidays, and right about now, people are making their shopping lists for the kids. I hope that if you have a little girl in your life and are not sure what to get her, consider getting her a camera. It could be digital or analog, used or new. You can even gift an old iPhone to her. Get her a camera where she can take photographs and create videos. It’s a powerful tool to be familiar with.


I understand not everyone has the deep pockets for a camera, but there are other ways to help. If you understand lighting or composition, you could offer her lessons. Teach her “the rules of photography,” and when she knows them, encourage her to break those rules. Let her shoot how she wants, and encourage the little artist-in-training to take space and be loud with her imagination.


Maybe she’s only documenting her own life with this new camera and skill. That’s great! Maybe she will photograph life around the house, her friends, or even her neighborhood. That’s great also! You’ll have a little documentary in the family! Or maybe she’ll start charging friends and neighbors for photoshoots, and if she does, that’s incredible also!


Let her shoot how she wants. All we can do is encourage them to try new things and to be loud about their perspective. It probably won’t solve any of the world’s problems, but it does give the world a more balanced view, and that can be a beautiful thing too. Get her a camera!


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