Canon RF Mount Disaster

I am a loyal Canon photographer and when Canon went through about a decade of “eh” cameras, I stuck with them. I sat on that 5D Mark II camera for several years too long until they finally released the Canon R6 on the RF Mount! And then we have the Canon RF Mount disaster to deal with!

I like how Canon made lenses, and bodies and how they felt natural in my hand. I started my career with Canon lenses and thus far, they’ve been good to me. Why am I upset though?

Canon decided they would ban third-party companies from making their new RF mount lens and as someone who coaches a lot of new photographers, I’m upset! You can watch this video to go behind my reasoning and why I bought not one, but 2 Sigma lenses!

I would also like to speak with you about treating your customers better than Canon treated theirs. Watch the video and let me know what you think on Twitter!

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Walid Azami