5 Tips That Will Improve Your Photography

I’m going to teach you how to have a more successful photoshoot with models, particularly women. The 5 Photography Tips that I share with you are applicable to all models. However, I am aware of the nonsense that largely women must endure on set, and I’m here to add some of my experience to make it easier on everyone.

5 Photography Tips For Female Models


  1. Less Lights, More Comfort: Once in a while place yourself in their position and see if their POV is intimidating or not. If you’re reading a blog on photographing models, then I’d bet that you don’t exactly have Gigi Hadid in your studio. And if you do, congratulations! Since you have models that are less experienced with being on set, imagine how intimidating all of those lights and stands can be. Need something? Leave it out. If you don’t, then see if that is one of the causes of your model’s nervousness. The same goes with people. You don’t have to surround your models with hair, makeup, wardrobe, assistant, friend, etc… have them all sit comfortably to the side. They can still watch but out of the eye line of the model. Watch and see how comfortable she/he is after you clear the path!
  2. Easy on the Posing Direction: Whenever I photograph someone, there are generally one or two poses at a time (Watch the video for a full visual). Often I’ll see models strike about 14 poses all once. That’s not sustainable, not something that they can continue for several hours. Instead, try controlled posing. For example, you can say “Look up and then look to the left, repeat”. After you get that shot, try the same thing with a smile, then with a stare, then with a big hearty laugh, then pouty.
  3. Make them comfortable: Sometimes we forget that another human being and they are a guest in our space. How would you treat your house guest? You’d treat like a King or Queen, right…hopefully? When the model arrives and is “trapped” in glam, take the time to sit with them and connect. Talk about what’s happening in culture, on the news, the traffic to the studio, or even what else they’ve done. Connect with them. This helps them trust you more and get better photographs in your shoot.
  4. Focus on the Model, not the gear: Doesn’t this seem counter-intuitive? Don’t focus on your photography gear?! Yes, sometimes all you need is one lens and a connection with another human. When I photographed Sarah (see video), I stuck to one lens. I instead used that time to work with her and guide her. Sometimes having many options (and I love a lens, trust me!) – will slow down the process and break the mood. There’s an intimacy between two creatives, try to stay in that zone for longer.
  5. You’re Paid to be Honest: Your job is to direct the movement and capture the photograph. That means you’ll be honest with them. It’s OK to say “that doesn’t look good, try this”. You’re not going to ruin lives or hurt feelings. The model/subject is relying on your expertise to guide them through a process.Imagine if the plumber didn’t want to hurt feelings and avoided a conversation about the clogged drain, because it may embarrass you. NO! Then we’re no different, speak on it!
Carmen Electra Photoshoot by Walid Azami

Photography Business Tips

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