5 Reasons Why Shopping For Your Photography Background is Smart

How to buy photography backdrops: 5 tips that save you money and get you high quality backdrops. This important because you must stand out as a successful photographer. I’m going to show you how to do that. You must work carefully with your budget. I will also show you how to control your budget and still get amazing photography backdrops.


There are five main components to purchasing photography backdrops. Discuss all of them like making sure you have originality in your work, the budget, how you’re going to store them plus more. I’m going to show you how to buy photography backdrops the right way!


  • Keeping Your Photography Original and as a standout!


  • Do you want to keep your photography original because that’s really going to help you maintain a high rate. Customers want to pay for some thing that is unique and a perfect fit for them. When you purchase backdrops from Amazon or any other camera store, you’re purchasing the exact same backdrops as everyone else. Chances are you are using the same camera as everyone else and the same gear, including lighting.Please into me how you intend on standing out from the crowd, how you hope to make more money as a photographer if you blend in with everyone else. That’s why I think purchasing textile backdrops from your local garment shops will do just the trick!


  • Staying cost effective with your photography budgetI simple formula is that you need to spend the least amount, and save the most possible. That’s really how you make each budget profitable and your business overall profitable. Purchasing paper backdrops from Amazon could be great and a certain vibe but are you really saving money? No you are not and here’s why:On paper backdrops it is difficult to save. Once the talent steps on the paper, it’s pretty much done. Do you make prints, paper gets wrinkled and creased and you are forced to always purchase new backdrops, it’s typical. I purchased so much for my photography studio. By the way if you want to open your own photo studio, I would really encourage you to go here next.With my backdrops, you can clean it up with a wet rag or wash it. This will save you money.  Told you! I’m going to show you how to buy photography backdrops!


  • Textile Backdrops are Easy to Store!


What here’s another way that textile backdrops are superior to paper. I’m not saying I will never use paper backdrops, I absolutely will. I’m simply saying that many photographers act as if it’s the only option and it’s not. I love textile backdrops because you can fold them up and store them in a plastic see-through Tupperware case. You could right on the corner of them and remind yourself when they were used last time. If it’s wrinkled, you can iron or steam.


If your photography backdrops are out of season, put them back in the Tupperware because they will come back in style in a few years. If your client has a crazy request, I will bet that you probably have a backdrop to meet their needs. Maybe you won’t have it in the first year but every year you should be adding to your arsenal of photo backdrops. With paper it’s difficult to reinvent the color or the style.

With textile backdrops that you can purchase from your local downtown, you can absolutely reinvent and remix. You can tie dye, dip dye, or paint over them. It’s really incredible how diverse they are.

How Do You Know if Your Photography Backdrop is Good?

The weather that I test my photo backdrops are through multiple light changes. In the in the video you can see me walking in and out of stores and making sure that the backdrop will look good in natural sunlight and in shade. Sometimes I’ll take my iPhone and turn on the flash so that I can see artificial lighting. Put each one through a stress test. What looks incredible under the hot sun could look horrible and indirect light. Test them out and know their potential’s.Stress them by squishing the material in your hand for about 10 seconds. Did it create just a couple large creases or 1 million tiny ones? You could still get a great photograph or video from either type of material but you’ll know how to make it look good. You might do the squish stress test and realize that a steamer may not be enough, you might need to bring an iron and a big can of starch.

When/Where Should You Buy Photography Backdrops?

Buy them anytime! But I find that it’s so much more affordable if you purchase off-season. In January it’s time to stock up on all the shiny, glittery, sparkly green and red backdrops. You can also pick up a lot of gold and silver which will work throughout the year. And December those same backdrops might be $19 per yard but in January after the holiday season, it could be three dollars per yard. Because they are so easy to store, purchase a variety of backdrops. This is gonna help you stand out and stay under budget. Basically this is how you maximize profits and originality. Guess how good your website is going to look!Most of your cities will have some sort of garment district. I visited the one in downtown Los Angeles, it’s some thing you should visit if you were not from the area. Come to our downtown and shop! You might see me there in the same store as you! If you find city you reside in does not have a larger area for the garment district, consider purchasing from cloth stores. They also have sales and coupons. You may not be able to bargain as much on the price, but they’ll have big sales. They will need to clear inventory too! This is how you buy photography backdrops the right way!

Photo Backdrop Tool Buying Guide:


  • Paper Seamless backdrop here
  • Clear plastic storage bins for your photography backdrops here
  • Small steamer, good for travel here
  • Bigger steamer, your daily tool here

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