4 Top Questions to Ask Photo Clients

You are going to learn how to book more photo clients now! It’s easier when you ask the right questions. This blog will guide you through the first client meeting. The first meeting is the most important meeting. That is where they decide if you should be the one they hire or someone else? 


It’s as simple as asking the correct questions that help them decide you are the best one for the job. 

Why The First Photography Meeting is VITAL?


The first photography meeting helps the client decide if you are the best person to work with. They want to know what your experience is and what ideas you have. They want to know if you are the one who will help them find success but they do not know what questions to ask.


This is why it’s important for the photographer to ask the questions that make them think. That lets them think of you as someone different than the other options. In this blog post, I’ll share the 4 questions to ask but I want you to watch the video because I go into major detail on video.


The truth is, very few photographers would manage the first meeting as you will. They will likely speak more than listen, and they will not ask the same questions that you do. This is one simple way to book more photo clients!


Use The Burger-Method For Your Photo Clients


In the English language we tend to operate in a more passive way. That means you must disguise your real question in a supposed nicer way. Even though, I’m not a fan of passive behavior. Say what you want and mean it!


For that reason I want to discuss the burger method (my name for it) and talk about the importance of it. I want you to ask the client how they heard of you. That seems simple enough right? What’s difficult about that?

Photo 1: Position your questions like this burger!

When you simply ask where they heard of you, you will likely get a one-word answer. They will say “Google’ or “Instagram” and that does not help you. Instead, try the burger method and position yourself in a stronger place.


I want you to ask the question this way instead.


TOP BUN: I’m glad you were able to book me before my busy season.
MEAT: Because the majority of my clients come from word of mouth, I have to ask how you heard about me?
BOTTOM BUN: So either we have mutual friends or you just have impeccable taste!

The Second Question To Ask Your Photo Clients


Ask the client what a successful project looks like to them. Simply, right? Yet very few people ask this question and they are missing out on the true ingredients they need for success. Also when you ask this question from your photography client, they will share everything that you need to do.


Let’s role-play here for example:


PHOTOGRAPHER: How would you define a successful shoot? I want to make sure that I really am of service for you and your brand.


CLIENT: Hmmm… good question. Well, I would say that it’s delivered on time. It’s unique and it’s not over budget!


PHOTOGRAPHER: Ok great! That helps me a lot and I want to reinforce that my budgets will stay under budget. For that reason I take an extra day or two to give the client a more accurate estimate. This way we avoid any surprises before or after the photoshoot. Also, you said “unique” when you described a successful shoot. Would you want to dig into that and help me define what unique means? This way I have prepare all of the tools to give you exactly what we need!


CLIENT: That sounds amazing! Thank you and I’ve never been asked that question before. You really made me think, and I want to thank you for that.


PHOTOGRAPHER: I know. I’m the best. I was taught by Walid. See! I help you book more photo clients.


Ask The Photo Client if They Agree With The Payment Schedule:


Why should we do this? It’s quite simple once I explain it for you. When you ask the client if they are OK with the payment schedule, you’ve now confirmed and made them repeat the payment schedule.


It also means that the payment schedule becomes their idea and that somehow allows people pay you quicker. Why? Because it was their idea! Much of business is about the ego and if you can tend to that, you should do well in your photography business. Finally, you will have a conversation to reference whenever there is an issue with payment.


If you want the bonus question for your photography clients, then I suggest you watch the full video. In that video I expand on all these topics and present a very useful bonus question for your photography business.


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